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Busy Boys is a leading, reputable duct and furnace cleaning company providing quality furnace & duct cleaning service in North & West Vancouver, Burnaby & New Westminster, Richmond & Delta, Coquitlam & Port Moody, Surrey & Langley and the Fraser Valley. We are the one stop shop for all your cleaning needs. We clean air ducts & furnaces, carpets & area rugs, Upholstery cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning in residential and commercial buildings

Furnaces can pose a serious threat to your family’s health as it collect impurities in the duct work. These contaminated impurities can be of terrible consequences if there is anyone suffering from asthma and allergies or lung diseases in your house.


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Our professionally trained technicians guarantee punctual, expert and dependable duct & furnace cleaning services. We represent our full and unconditional commitment to providing you with the most efficient services possible to your satisfaction. Their expertise, together with our commitment, has made us a leading company in this field.

Busy Boys Services stands by our control standards and will ensure that you; our valued customer, receive complete and unconditional satisfaction. We build our business on client referrals and repeat business; this is why customer service is our top Priority.

Your furnace plays a crucial role when it comes to regulating the heat in your residential or commercial property. It also takes a lot of pollutants and other troublesome materials overtime. This means that the furnace acts as a magnet for dirt, dust, debris, and particulate matter. So, failure to clean the furnace and ductwork regularly will definitely distribute all these harmful materials all over the house affecting your family’s health. Of course, you don’t want this, right? So, why not hire our furnace cleaning team to inspect and clean your furnace and ductwork. See, we will not only clean, but we will also oil and fine-tune the appliance to ensure that your furnace works optimally and efficiently, thereby keeping all the house occupants safe and comfortable throughout.

You might be wondering whether you really need furnace & duct cleaning, whether residential or commercial, in Burnaby. Well, our Burnaby duct cleaning team will help you find the common signs that your furnace needs to be cleaned. Here is what they will be looking for;

  • The ductwork producing water
  • The house airflow feels off
  • And, if the house is new, chances are that the furnace and ductwork are dusty and needs to be cleaned

We do know one thing and that is cleaning your furnace regularly lengthens its useful life, ensuring that it’s running optimally and efficiently all through. So, when taking care of the rest of your house and HVAC system, always remember that the furnace and ductwork are also critical to the habitability of your home. Contact our teams today – Surrey, Burnaby, North and West Vancouver duct cleaning teams – and let’s make sure that you are set up properly.